In Texas, the sheriff and constable are tasked with serving process.  But did you know, your process can be served by a private process server?  In order to serve process, a private process server must pass a criminal history background check, complete a  certification course and re-cerify every two-years in order to continue working.  They must be verified by the Supreme Court of Texas and maintain this certification as long as they work in Texas.

We strive to serve your process in a timely manner and understand that each and every service is important and time sensitive.  There are no fees for rush jobs, but please understand that we will do everything in our power to complete these in a timely manner.  Our fees cover the picking-up the process, service and making returns to the court.  Other companies charge additional fees for service to the same person during the same transaction.  RIS charges a flat fee for this service, in other words, if a Citation and TRO are delivered to the same person during the same transaction, one fee for the two documents.